Deadlock (spoiler)

The plot is now becomming clear, well for me anyway, i believe humans nor cylons cannot survive without the other. The pure cylon baby died because if it did not cylons would have disabanded humans and made another society which would then be destroyed and nuked, "it has happened before and will hapen again and again". This leaves room for Hera the hybrid half human and half cylon baby, also backing up my point is Galactica which is now turning into a half cylon ship its starting to happen the "Miracle"? because not only that the mourning wall put up my military soliders of the cylons who died during the alliance is this a breakthrough?


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May 11, 2016 2:41PM EDT

Could you put up a spoiler notice because you've revealed a part of the plot please? But I see your point.I was really upset that they killed the baby off - but I can see how you are getting the working together theme.Having said that, I think the human guys are getting a better deal than the human women - there are a lot more hot cylon females than there are males. (And then there's poor John the cylon - who would give their perfect creation the body and face of an elderly man then surround him with lithe young things? That's just cruel!)

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