Grimm's big finale digs up Nick's surprising past [Tv Recap]

This weekend we said goodbye to the first season of Grimm. Let's be honest, it was a long road with this series. After a promising pilot and collection of cute monster-of-the week episodes, Grimm kind of waded in its own juices for awhile. Not knowing what characters to build upon and which story lines to flesh out, we were less than optimistic about this little fairy tales' future. But then it started to get dark. Really dark. About three quarters into the premiere season, someone lit a match under Grimm's ass and shit got hot. The Hansel and Gretel episode (where human organ harvesters burned bodies in their front yard) and the Adalind episodes were easily two of our very favorite. So how did they end the season? Did Grimm go out with the same bit of newly found fire? Sort of.


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