'Girls' recap: Episode 6

Jojo WhildenLena Dunham stars as Hannah in HBO's "Girls." Ah, yes. The pilgrimage home for the New York transplant. Hannah packs up her trash bag and heads back to Michigan for her parents' thirtieth anniversary. It starts off with smiles, but that doesn't last long. Once she's trapped in the back seat of their car, they unleash a string of questions about work and her life in New York. This wouldn't cause one to tense up unless one just quit their job and didn't want to tell one's parents yet. Hannah gets snappy and her dad responds with, "You've got a mood on."We see Hannah's old bedroom that has been frozen in time -- Goo Goo Dolls poster on the wall, high school graduation pictures. (Enjoy reminiscing now Hannah, it's only a matter of time before that room becomes a home gym or office.) The next morning, Hannah is sent to pick up her mother's menopause prescription. Read More...

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