The Simpsons Review: Lady Blah-Blah

For a season finale that's been hyped so much in the past few weeks, "Lisa Goes Gaga" was a little underwhelming.

The series did make good use of their guest star instead of reducing her role to a small cameo. But that wasn't necessarily a good thing. The episode ended up turning into one long running gag about Gaga's eccentricities and a rehashing of all her most "shocking" moments.

The Gaga Express is rolling through the countryside, affecting all those in its vicinity with strange side-effects like hens laying crystallized eggs. Gaga feels drawn to Springfield and its low self-esteem (since her music is all about inspiring self-confidence through gaudy shows of her own attention-seeking behavior), but she is especially moved by her odd psychic vision of Lisa in distress. Read More...


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