Mad Men 5.10 "Christmas Waltz" Review

It is December 1966 in Mad Men and unlike the last Christmas period we saw things are more financially stable for SCDP. The firm is not a powerhouse nor is it teetering on the edge of oblivion, but that doesn't mean that all of the characters are in a comfortable financial position as we see in the opening sequence as Lane (Jared Harris) discusses his impending doom on the phone. Lane is a character that we have seen little of since his dust up with Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) and so this storyline is a welcome return even if Lane's actions were rather dubious and will likely have some major consequences. Joan (Christina Hendricks) is another character who has been a bit player over the past few weeks, but this episode more than makes up for this.

Lane needs funds quickly due to what appears to be unpaid taxes back home in the UK and jail is a possibility. Lane of course wants to avoid this, but must pay almost immediately and instead of asking anyone for help he obtains the money by false pretences. Not only does he extend the firms credit to pay outstanding checks, he then claims to the partners that this money is surplus that can be used as Christmas bonuses. Lane goes one step further and forges Don's (Jon Hamm) signature on a check for himself, this wasn't discovered in this episode but it can't stay hidden for long even though Lane is in charge of much of the financial side of SCDP. Read More...


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