Glee Season Finale 2012 “Goodbye” Review

For an hour of TV that I expected to be one big pile of crying mush, "Goodbye," the season finale ofGlee, wrapped up with more than a little angst. The seniors graduated (even Puck!), but we only officially found where two of them were heading…and it wasn’t where we thought and it wasn’t together.

All right, for those keeping score, Quinn is going to Yale and really wants to stay in touch with Rachel. Santana (whose mom turns out to be Gloria Estefan…I would have expected nothing less) is going somewhere, either New York or L.A., but not to college with her scholarship. Britney is…um…I have no idea. Did she not graduate because she’s a junior or because she didn’t have the grades? No clue. Mike and Mercedes graduated, but no word on what will happen to them next year, or if the actors will be back in anything more than a guest capacity. Read More... 


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