Game of Thrones Recap: Westeros in Love

Ever since James Poniewozik wrote in a GameofThronesrecap that he’d love to see a bottle episode starring just Arya and Twyin Lannister, I’ve been thinking about structure on the show. The things that make the series so impressive as a screen adaptation — its geographic sprawl and huge cast of characters — are precisely what can make it tedious at times. As a viewer, you often get caught between a plot rock and a narrative hard place, either dawdling on a picaresque journey through B-plots that seem to digress ever further from the show’s center (pouty Jon Snow beyond the Wall, poor Daenerys in Qarth) or else waiting for the chess pieces to arrange themselves ahead of next week’s big, breathlessly anticipated Battle of Blackwater, an episode important enough that George R.R. Martin wrote it himself. Read More...


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