'House' series finale: Hugh Laurie says don't expect a last-minute change


How does one of the edgiest, most antagonistic characters in series television history say goodbye?Pretty much in the same fashion he said hello.Anything else would ring false for Dr. Gregory House, and title star Hugh Laurie and series creator and executive producer David Shore are determined to see him end true to form as the FOX medical drama "House" wraps up its eight-year run Monday, May 21. Don't expect major reassessments or revelations by the central figure, then, just a final and familiar round of sass and snark. And, very probably, one last swath of professional brilliance."It would almost be one of House's many mantras that people don't change, generally speaking," Laurie tells Zap2it, a two-time winner of Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Television Critics Association Awards who also became a producer as the series proceeded."It's certainly true in television drama. They can't change, actually. If they do, you wind up with a different...



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