The Killing Recap: Butterfly Effect

This week on The Killing, we meet Rosie Larsen’s real father, David Ranier, and he seems to be pretty great. He’s handsome. He lives in one of those TV houses whose kitchens make you crave breakfast. He’s as natural at navigating the fickle moods of teenagers as he is at working a French press. And yet, we’re told that sixteen years before, Mitch chose Stan over him. Okay, let’s try to break this down. On one hand, I do understand the attraction. Mitch was a young, mosh-pitting, Free Willin’ Soundgarden fan who, like her budding lepidopterist daughter, craved adventure and stimuli, and Stan was a bad-boy mobster. I can totally see them hooking up.

But the way the show has depicted it is that Mitch broke it off with Stan for a bit, hooked up with David, got pregnant, and then opted to have Stan raise her child instead, presumably because he seemed more of the fathering type. Before we met David, I was picturing someone like Jasper’s dad or maybe even Jasper himself, someone who was rich and mean and selfish and who would’ve sneered Mitch out of the state at the first mention of a baby. I definitely wasn’t imagining the guy we met, whom I would want to be my own dad if I weren’t a living person and he weren’t a fake character. Read More...


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