'The Vampire Diaries' star Ian Somerhalder admits he was 'devastated' by Elena's choice -- and he accepts the challenge


When it comes to "The Vampire Diaries," we here at Zap2it tend to remain pretty neutral in terms of the Damon vs. Stefan debate. However, when Elena chose Stefan in the Season 3 finale, we we have to admit, we were very surprised -- and we empathized with the Damon/Elena fans who had been waiting years for a little victory. If you were bummed about Elena's decision, you are not alone, Delena 'shippers. Your fearless leader, a certain Ian Somerhalder, shared your heartbreak. We caught up with him last week in NYC, and when we asked him if he was shocked by the finale script, he said that wasn't exactly the right word. "Is shock and devastation the same?" he teased. "I think it was a mix of shock and devastation. Actually, you know what it is? It's just a good challenge." Uh-oh. If Ian is taking Elena's rejection as a cue to increase the...



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