'Once Upon a Time': Ginnifer Goodwin and Raphael Sbarge say the magic is real


53051"I've always wanted to play a Disney princess and was equally excited to play Snow White," Ginnifer Goodwin tells Zap2it about her character in the TV series "Once Upon a Time" at the ABC international upfront Sunday (May 20). "I really love that we fleshed out her flaws, and I hope that we do that further...You know, when [the huntsman] helped her escape from the evil queen, we displayed a lot of strong, positive characteristics, but I love this idea that, before that, she was an entitled, spoiled brat and she was vain and competitive."Though the actress insisted she had no idea what might be in store for the narrative when the show returns in the fall, she did express one hope for a potential plot development."I'm so excited truly to explore the relationship between Emma and her mother Snow White," Goodwin remarks. "Now that they remember each other, and now that they are the...



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