'Mad Men' Spoiled Bastard: Ep. 10: 'Christmas Waltz'


Let’s try a little something different this week because that’s precisely what Mad Mendelivered to us. I loved "Christmas Waltz" because it made exceptional use of both Harry and Paul and Don and Joan. And had an awesome car in it.

What more could you want? It was like a Christmas present itself. People have been dying to get Don and Joan "together," and they had a grand old time pretending to be married, taking the Jaguar out, spending the daylight hours drinking in a bar while having fantastic, crush-worthy dialogue without crossing the line and losing the respect they obviously have for each other. That scene in the bar should have made everybody happy – in part because it also seemed to make Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks happy to play the scene. I don’t think Don and Joan would ever work as a couple, but they really do know how to flirt and have fun while drinking the day away and talking out some of their personal problems. Read More...



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