'America's Got Talent' Recap: Easy Entertainment in NYC

Yes, America's Got Talent, we know you have Howard Stern. But I guess his newness isn't wearing off yet because the first two minutes were devoted to his epic arrival on this show. Things will NEVER be the same! Meanwhile, Nick Cannon is being dropped off on the tops of different buildings to ask is the city he's been deposited into has talent. Does New York have talent? Does it have great pizza!?

After the standard five to ten minutes of judge worship, the auditions are underway. "Acrobatic Dunk Team," The Flyte Cru is up first. A stage hand warns them not to fall off the edge of the stage as so many before them have done. I'll tell you this much: these guys love dunking. They don't give a rat's ass about the other elements of basketball, except maybe the outfits, but they love to dunk the ball. Howie said no, Howard said yes, and Sharon loves everything so it's a yes. She's the Flyte Cru's fairy godmother!



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