The Bachelorette Recap: It's The Muppets!

This week's episode of The Bachelorette starts off somewhat untraditionally, being that we're filming in Emily's hometown of Charlotte, NC. She meets up with friends to discuss "last night," when she met all 25 eligible bachelors. No other contestant has had a group of friends to gossip with, so this is new to us.

Ryan gets the first date card, and Emily ushers him into her SUV. Ryan wonders if he's going to be jumping off a bridge or flying around in a helicopter (because he's obviously seen past seasons of the show), but no! He's taking part in a normal day in the life of Emily -- acting as "Snack Mom" to daughter Ricki's soccer team. So, Ryan slaps on an apron and bakes some cookies.

Ryan calls Emily's skinny jeans and perfectly curled hair "momwear," which makes every female over the age of 13 cringe, each for different reasons.

Their first date was cute, but I think a romantic date was needed before diving into a daily routine. Thankfully, dinner was more date-like, and the two engaged in some witty banter. One more surprise! Emily's favorite band puts on a private concert for her, Ryan, and 200 screaming fans lined up behind velvet rope. Read More...


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