'Supernatural': Castiel's absence and other hits and misses of Sera Gamble's final season


"Supernatural" has one of the most active online fanbases of any show we cover on Zap2it, so we've come to expect a wide range of opinions after any given episode. Now that Season 7 is over, we thought we'd take a look at the 23 episodes and discuss some thoughts on Sera Gamble's last season as showrunner. Please note that this article represents one fan's opinion, and we expect plenty of conflicting views. Discussion is welcome (and encouraged!) in the comments section below -- just make sure to keep it classy!Castiel's Exit: The season began on a controversial note, with Misha Collins' role being reduced to that of a special guest star after two seasons as a series regular. The choice to take the beloved Castiel down a dark road at the end of Season 6 was a bold one, particularly when he nearly destroyed Sam to create a diversion as he exacted his plan....



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