'Glee' finale: Lea Michele and Cory Monteith make us cry in 'Goodbye'


"Glee" might have wavered drastically in quality throughout its first three seasons, but there's no doubt that "Goodbye," the Season 3 finale, took after the best of times. In an emotional, funny and poignant episode, standout performances from Cory Monteith and Lea Michele in particular made this one of the best hours "Glee" has ever done.Giving each senior New Directions member a moment to shine was the first step in the right direction toward a better "Glee." The spotlight was pointed pretty equally at Kurt, Puck, Quinn, Mercedes, Santana and the others throughout the episode -- although Rachel and Finn naturally got a little more attention.While we loved the resolution of Puck and Quinn's storylines -- Mercedes' seemed like an afterthought -- the real tension came from the NYADA and Actors Studio decision letters. Kurt's moment with Burt was adorable (Mike O'Malley learned the "Single Ladies" dance because he is a wonderful human) and our...



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