The Office Season 4 Finale Extravaganzamuh

2/2 Season 4 Finale (continued)

Jim contributes some money for fireworks for "Tobys party".

Phyllis is in charge of the party planning committee, Michael requests an anti-gravity machine. Meanwhile michael is amazingly hitting it off with the new HR, and she even more amazingly is amused with his lame attempts to be funny. During the party or should I say carnival, since phyllis orders a ferris wheel, bouncy castle etc... Michael gets a call from Kevin whos at the supermarket picking up more food for the bbq urging Michael to come down, without telling him his reasoning. Upon arrival Michael sees Kevin walking out of the market with Jan, and leaves them to "catch up on things" and boy do they... Back at the party, Michael sings Toby a farewell song which I believe came from blind generosity considering Michael is singing joyfully about Toby leaving, he still adds his touch to make it seem genuine. I wont spoil the surprises towards the end of the show, but I will say there is an unexpected proposal, as well as very VERY unexpected accidental walk in on two of the cast members getting it on IN the office.


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