One tree hill season 3 so far

Alright, so I'm completely obsessed with one tree hill at the moment, to the point where i am up until 4 in the morning watching the episodes online and having dreams where characters on the show are randomly interspersed along with my own life, and I am dreading what is coming up. SO far, Ellie and Peyton have just about secured the as of yet un named benefit album, and Karen and Keith have finally gotten their romance on, but the whole Dan screwing with other people's personal lives situation is getting me worried. I already know what happens with the school shooting- but i am completely dreading Keith's death. I love him on the show and even though that aspect ofthe plot added a great twist, it still makes me sad thinking about it. I know it's pretty pathetic to get so emotionally attached to a show- especially one that is not even in the same season on t.v. as it is on the computer- but my life at the moment is so completely devoid of any drama that i am living vicariously through any character i can find. Oh wait, there was the exciting and drama filled moment earlier today when i dyed my hair for the first time and thought that i may have had an allergic reaction, but then quickly discovered it was strictly psychological. See what i mean, not so interesting ( By the way, i am aware how sad my attempt at sarcasm just was, but it is much harder to achieve perfect cynicism when typing as opposed to speaking). I am aware of the huge tangent i went on, but i will write more once i have completed the rest of the season. if anyone is acrually reading this, then thank you and please don't jusge my dependency on television too harshly. Till next time---- hibbelnverpoort


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