'Girls': It might have been the crack


This week, the "Girls" of HBO took viewers to a warehouse party in Bushwick -- and it ended up being the best episode of the season.Out of any episode of "Girls" yet, this one was arguably the most "Sex and the City"-esque. While this new cast of HBO lady-characters busy themselves by acting as "crack spirit guides," swatting off "tiny Navajos" and tossing wine bottles on people, tonight's scenes were (appropriately) nostalgic of Carrie Bradshaw & co. The four girls converge at the party, chime in with New York City specific wisecracks, and encounter their own adventures, hookups, and trouble. The structure of Episode 7 was also a good formula for "Girls," covering a single night's events. It made the characters' blunders and eccentricities more lovable in the context of "the best party ever." Clearly, the biggest story of the night was Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Adam (Adam Driver): 1. He is out of...



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