The Killing Review: Linden Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

You know when you're putting together a puzzle and all you have left are a few pieces and it's exciting because you're so close to seeing the whole picture?

The Killing continued to push the seemingly random parts and players of the show closer together this week, revealing the ultimate connection with mob boss Janek, Mayor Adams and Indian Chief Jackson.

There's a feeling that the end is in sight and with "72 Hours" it's less like one of "oh, just get it over with and tell us" and more like "let's bust this case wide open and bring the whole corruption down upon itself." Or at least Holder would have something more clever to say in regards to the case, but even he is brimming with anticipation to solve it.

And as much as the show is preparing to reach its climax, and despite certain twists and turns that feel forced, it is looking to strike its season end note on a big high. Read More...


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