Mad Men Recap: Three Women

Q: What's in Mad Men's rearview mirror?
A: Every other drama on television.

"The Other Woman." Say it aloud a few times, stress different words, and listen to what happens. "The Other, Woman." Or "The Other: Woman."
This episode was about woman as Other in the eyes of men, and how women must constantly negotiate that and try to transcend it. But let's not get too hung up on that, because Mad Men doesn't, and because the episode was about situational ethics, loyalty, treachery and compromise. It was the best all-around installment of Mad Men since "The Suitcase," and while its subject and structure were different, deep down it was great for the same reason that "The Suitcase" was great: because its situations and resolutions summed up and expanded on everything we've seen since the start of Mad Men. Read More...


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