Girls Recap: The Bloody Noses of Bushwick

Back from her trip to the ancestral home in Michigan, our Hannah is back in the grips of her girlgang, and headed to a warehouse party in deep, deep Brooklyn. This is how I know I’m 100 years old—because you couldn’t pay me to go to a warehouse party in Bushwick. Not a hundred dollars, not a thousand dollars. You know why? Because anything can happen in Bushwick. I might accidentally smoke crack (like Shoshanna) or flirt text my boss (like Jessa) or spot my ex-boyfriend and his new "tiny Navajo" lover (like Marnie.) In fact the only reason I ever went to such a party in the first place was because I hoped, like Hannah, thatI might end up with a boyfriend.

What is it about parties that captures a certain spirit of boundless possibility? As Jessa says, it’s the hope that each one might truly be the best party ever, that’s what drives us to put on lipstick and venture to potentially dangerous points unknown. Jessa says this while dressed as an extra from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and so I am inclined to believe her. She is ready to dance, as isthis episode’s golden days of MTV-esquetitle sequence. Read More...


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