The Killing Recap: Employee of the Month

I have a new candidate for Employee of the Month on this show (I also would like to file a petition to have the title officially changed to that, as in "Tune in Sunday 9/8 central to This Show.") Last month it was Ray the tech guy. Now it’s whoever is responsible for all the labeling done in Seattle. You know, the person who made the I.D. tags at the hospital that said "physical therapist" and the sign on the dock that Linden jogs past that said the name of the ferry. Whoever it is, they did a very, very good job writing "Project manager: Michael Ames" on the billboard for Mayor Adam’s waterfront development proposal. If it weren’t for that sign, Holder would’ve never fit together all the pieces that make up the world’s most boring motive. If this show were a jigsaw puzzle, the final image would be a pack of ankle socks, in three shades of beige, from your aunt. Read More...


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