Mad Men 5.11 "The Other Woman" Review

Television can challenge the viewer in a variety of ways and Mad Men uses the advertising backdrop to explore different narratives; whether it is a pitch for a Samsonite suitcase that left Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and Don (Jon Hamm) emotionally exposed last season or the American Airlines account that would have shown how big the firm and Duck Phillips (Mark Moses) could have been. Each account can reveal something about these characters and the Jaguar campaign is no different and shows just how far some of these characters are willing to go to get the big names on their books.

SCDP is not in the same dire financial position as we saw last season but that doesn't mean that this account isn't vital for the financial stability of the firm; they still don't have a Lucky Strike size client on their books, but this does not justify the events that occurred in "The Other Woman." This is the only way that these four men can take any comfort (not there should be any) in allowing this to proceed, though Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) really does seem to be one who has the least qualms about organizing the whole thing. Ken is horrified at the dinner that leads to Herb (Gary Basaraba) asking for one night with Joan (Christina Hendricks) but has no power to stop or control the situation. Don is even more against the whole thing and visits Joan at home to tell her that the business isn't worth this much. The intercutting between Don's Jaguar pitch that focuses on desire with the Joan and Herb scenes makes you feel suitably horrified about this indiscretion and is even more heartbreaking when it is revealed that Don got to Joan's apartment too late and that she has already gone through with it. Read More...


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