'Girls' recap: Episode 7

Jojo WhildenLena Dunham stars as Hannah in HBO's "Girls." This week, Hannah is back in Brooklyn and going to The Party Of The Year with the girls. They arrive in Bushwick in their most character-appropriate party gear. Jessa in a full-feather coat, Marnie is a business-casual dress straight out of Ann Taylor (not even Loft), Hannah in Urban Outfitter's sale-rack chic. They run into Shoshanna (in hot pink and sequins), who has been standing in the corner alone for an hour.Marnie is worried about running into Charlie, whose band is playing, because she doesn't know if he is going to be able to handle seeing her yet -- they've only been broken up for two weeks! But it seems that two weeks was plenty of time for Charlie to find another girl to smother with his love. When Marnie goes to talk to him after the show, a girl decked out in a halftop and jean shorts jumps on him. "This happened in two weeks? Marnie marvels. "Haven't you heard of me?" she asks the new girl. "Should I have? Are you one of those 'Real Housewives'?" the girl, Audrey, asks. Wish I could be team Marnie here, but really, the lavender dress to Bushwick? You were asking for that.Behind party run-in door number two, we have Adam. Hannah is rightly shocked to see him there. Read More...

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Jun 12, 2012 9:48PM EDT

I think the way they're developing the Hannah POV story-telling while also making her straddle the line between protagonist and villain is pretty great. Hannah's kind of like a lot of good friends I've had in the past too that most of the time you sort of despise but because you've shared so much time together and you know she'll come through when you really need her, you stay close. I think that's very accurate to real life and something not always shown in shows, usually you just have the goodie girl and the evil one and no in-between.

Anyway, glad the Adam storyline is developing a little more I thought he showed so more depth this episode, too. Oh and big props to the music department for using Mark Ronson's "Bang, Bang, Bang" when Hannah catches up with Adam when he's happily dancing at the Bushwick warehouse. 

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