Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 7 Episode 3: Everybody’s Wigging Out

On tonight’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim addresses her divorce through a conversation with Khloe. She talks about how difficult the situation is, having just come from a rough meeting with her lawyers. Khloe doesn’t understand why it is so hard since they were barely married. Kim guesses it’s because her ex is just plain pissed. Khloe urges her to find a way to relax and relieve her stress. Rob is looking for a new home and wants his Mom’s help. While Kim and Kris offer a bunch of conflicting suggestions, Bruce tells him to simply decide on a location then go from there.

Rob wants Kris to look at potential homes with him but Kris is too busy. Bruce offers to help Rob.  Rob isn’t exactly thrilled, thinking his knowledge is limited to golf and toy helicopters. He enlists Kourtney’s help instead. Bruce shows up at and is surprised to find Kourtney there and that they have already done the walk through.  Bruce begins to think Rob doesn’t trust his opinion. Rob admits to Kourtney he doesn’t value Bruce’s opinion and thinks he’s the hardest guy in the world to relate to. Sadly, Bruce honestly wants to help Rob but Rob puts him off. Read More...


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