Basketball Wives: This is the End, My Friend. Thank God.

Before I get into the torrential downpour of horribleness that was the season finale of Basketball Wives, let me take a hot second to give Royce some love. Aside from the incident with her father recently, Royce has been my favorite pretty much all season, focusing heavily on her career and keeping her nose out of the drama that plagued her first three years on the show. And when she did get dragged into something with the other girls, she made clear, accurate points and held her own without resorting to typical Basketball Wives-ian tomfoolery, which is why I loved her so much tonight. Rather than bow down and kissing Tami's feet like most of the other members of this cast do, Royce checked her Tahiti behavior like a real friend would do; it's become clear that certain Basketball Wives associate friendship with being a yes man and unquestioned allegiance and honestly, that's not real, tangible friendship. That's a mob mentality, a group-think, a brainwashing that belongs moreso in a George Orwell novel than a trashy VH1 reality show. Read More...


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