'The Bachelorette': Dolly Parton is Emily Maynard's real true love


On the latest "Bachelorette," there are some foot-in-mouth moments but it's not the blow-up we were expecting.Chris' DateChris gets the first solo date and that's probably good, since he's been such a whiny baby about not getting the First Impression Rose or the Group Date Rose. Emily makes him scale a building in downtown Charlotte to get to their dinner. Heh.Emily makes a very far-fetched metaphorical comparison of scaling a building to wanting a man who stays right by your side - everybody drink! Except me, so drink two! Meanwhile, ABC still wants us to believe Emily's some kind of Charlotte celeb who draws a crowd everywhere she goes, so there are people down in the street cheering them on. Uh huh.At dinner, Emily talks about how intimidating Chris is because he's so cute and then she's pretty floored that he's 25 and he has to reassure her that he's ready and willing to be...



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