'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 pictures: Mona in the psych ward in 'Blood Is the New Black'


Just one short week until "Pretty Little Liars" returns, PLL fans. We can hardly wait to see where the show picks up after the Season 2 finale when Mona was revealed to be "A" - or at least think she was being "A."In these new pictures from the second episode of Season 3, titled "Blood is the New Black," Mona is still firmly locked away in the psychiatric ward, but Hanna has come to visit. We would imagine Hanna would be the Liar who most wants to not only get answers from Mona, but maybe to help her out if she can.We're also intrigued by the shot below in the hallway - Caleb is waiting for Hanna, presumably, but Wren looks like he's there as a doctor. Is he possibly treating Mona? That's intriguing. We're glad he's still on the show, too - the Spencer/Toby/Wren love triangle is definitely a highlight for us in terms...



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