The Office Season 4 Finale Extravaganzamuh

1/2 Season 4-finale

Let me just start by saying WOW. Every thursday night I turn on my tv with the mentality that theres no way that this weeks Office could possibly outdue the previous episode, and im happy to say Iam always pleasantly surprised to be incorrect in assuming so. Anyways to get on with it... The episode opens up like any other with jim pulling a humorous prank on dwight, followed by Michael expressing his joy that its Toby's last day. Toby is showing his replacement how things work at the office, while michael and dwight plot to haze the new HR. While reluctantly being introduced to the new HR by Toby, Michael develops a quick fascination turned infatuation, in which he seeks advice from Jim who promptly urges michael not to act on his feelings the way he noramlly would, explaining that the key to a good romance is by a slow courting, in which while discussing this realizes The Office has been the real reason he met and fell in love with Pam in the first place and decides that he will propose to Pam during Tobys going away party.


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