Nurse Jackie Sneak Peeks: Mike Fires Gloria and Deals with Charlie

Akalitus has always had Jackie's back, to the point where the line between common courtesy and inappropriate became much more blurred. Once Gloria tossed a urine sample from Jackie and wiped her record of any type of complaints, Coop-related and otherwise, you knew that it was a matter of time before she had to face the consequences for her actions, the theme of this season of Nurse Jackie.

She does just that, with Mike firing her due to security footage popping up of Gloria near the records. Though Jackie tries to intervene, having been forced to stay in the room and watch, it's all in vein, Akalitus accepting her fate pretty readily. Mike has asserted his dominance on several occasions this season on Nurse Jackie, from the new uniforms to the bedside manner of his nurses, and this is another instance of him playing the alpha male. But can Jackie find a way to get Gloria her job back and repay the kindness her former boss extended to her? Read More...


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