The Killing Sneak Peek: Holder, Linden, and the Casino

The Killing has had Holder and Linden running around the greater Seattle area for going on a month trying to solve the murder of Rosie Larsen. They've hit numerous dead ends and chased leads that only turned out to be red herrings, but finally they've come across something with a little validity. The Wapi casino is shrouded in secrecy and the two have no legal means in investigating the bloody key card and the "construction" going on on the 10th floor.

Unless, of course, they can convince Gwen to use the political pull of her father in order to get them access. In the sneak peek for the next episode of The Killing, titled "Bulldog", Holder and Linden do just that, confronting the aide to Darren Richmond about her connections. Linden may have been a major thorn in the councilman's side and one of the primary reasons he got into the political hole he was in, but Richmond has a lot to gain by potentially helping her out. If Linden can have a clear pathway toward finding the real killer of Rosie Larsen, his name will be cleared in the court of public opinion, as his connection to the crime has been one of the only black marks on his campaign for office. Read More...


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