The LA Complex “Burn it Down” Review – This City Trades On Desperation

The season finale of The LA Complex left a few rising stars with great news, a working actor with some major psychological issues, a veteran actress with some not so great news, and a wanna be music producer with a possible broken nose.

We start out with Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) waking up in the hospital where he has some major facial lacerations to the tune of about 35 stitches. Surprisingly, his director is pretty happy about the publicity his little incident is getting the show and instead of firing him, he’s going to write his accident into the show. Connor is psyched and promises to clean up his act. He even asks his doctor to put him back on his anti-depressant, which seems like the best idea for Connor at this point.

Raquel (Jewel Staite) is furious when Cam (Kristopher Turner) and Kevin (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) have Ellen Page look at their script and even more furious when they tell her to get $100K or they’re walking. Raquel uses her powers of persuasion on Gary and gets him to cut the check, despite his reservations. The check secures her the role and gets her the exclusive she wants for three months. Read More... 


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