Cougar Town Recap: Beach Party

The season finale of Cougar Town had the feel of a show not sure whether it was staying or leaving — the title card even said as much. As expected, the "four months away" wedding between Jules and Grayson got a big bump forward, in a finale ceremony that was sweet if somewhat rushed — and not just because the cops were chasing after the procession.

Before they know they’ll be marrying on the lam, Grayson and Jules try to work out a few final arrangements before beginning their new life together. Of particular concern to Grayson is his lack of privacy now that he’s sold his home; the Cul-de-Sac Crew aren’t known for their alone time, and while Grayson certainly belongs, he has always been the most independent among them. He is, after all, the only one we ever see spending time at work. He wants privacy in the mornings and when he reads, but finding it can be hard when Jules has provided everyone in the neighborhood with a key to their home. Having someone lotion your elbows when you’re trying to scan the newspaper is (I would imagine, this hasn’t happened to me) irritating, but Grayson’s reaction — screaming, punching a hole in the wall — is violent and overblown. Naturally, Jules takes him to therapy and promises to be different, because apparently she’s the one who needs more help in this scenario. Read More...


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