America's Next Top Model 18.13 "Season Finale" Review

Top Model squandered any amount of trust I had in it many, many moons ago, so forgive me for taking a while to warm back up to it. Though it's never made excellent decisions on a weekly basis, early cycles of the show had decent coherence and clarity of why they were leaning a certain way; I may not (and often didn't) agree, but I understood and chalked it up to my novice status as an aspiring fashionista. But recent times have gotten a bit weirder, a bit more arbitrary, and a bit more frustrating, as the Top Model decision making process became the show's achilles heel. Too often, I was left utterly confused why a certain contestant took home the crown or the real reason that model X was eliminated far before her time to go, so I had to adjust my expectations from "hey, a good model may come out of this." to "hey, this is a train wreck. let me giggle accordingly." Read More...


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