'Futurama' Season 7: Matt Groening teases an election, Fry and Leela and more


"Futurama" returns to Comedy Central in just a few weeks, and creator Matt Groening says fans can look forward to continued development in Fry and Leela's relationship, the return of guest voice George Takei and, according to him, the limb-losingest season yet."I guess what's different this summer is Fry and Leela's relationship is progressing, and people who care about that will be delighted," Groening tells Zap2it. "And the animators at Rough Draft have once again made it their missions to outdo themselves. They just love doing the show -- they have such a good time. ... With a very skimpy budget and tight time schedule, they continue to amaze us."The season opens June 20 with back-to-back episodes. The first finds Bender the father to a robot baby (complete with explanation of how that works), and the second plays with the idea of the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world in 2012. In "Futurama's"...



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