Magic City Sneak Peeks: Mercy Takes Flight, But Will She Leave Danny Behind?

Danny Evans has operating very much under the radar on Magic City. Of course, with Ike killing someone and Stevie sleeping with the wife of a mob boss, it'd be hard not to be under the radar in the Evans family. In the sneak peeks from the Magic City season finale, though, the spotlight is hot and heavy on his romance with Mercedes and the direction it'll be going next season.

Mercy has decided to become a flight attendant, which is both good and bad news. Good, in that she never liked being a maid and can now pursue something she likes, and bad, in that it'll take her away from Danny for long periods of time. That may make her father happy, as he tries to convince her that Danny doesn't love her, but it could be a death blow to any chance of a relationship blooming. Even though they can be pretty sweet together, young love is fleeting and if you don't have the proper time together, it can undo even the strongest of relationships. Mercy is growing, but will her growth be apart from Danny? Read More...


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