Tasha Gordon-Solmon: The Bachelorette Week 3 Recap: "I Would Still Love You, I Just Might Not Love on You"

This week Emily was very busy going on dates, sucking face, heaping undeserved compliments on Potential Future Husbands and freaking out about all sorts of things. So let's get to it, shall we?

1-on-1 With Bobble Chris

To start their date, Emily and Bobble Chris went rappelling up a tall building. It was like -- a metaphor for being in love: taking risks, conquering fears, wearing a harness. Emily freaked out at one point, but made it to the top and thanked Chris "for not ditching" her. (He was strapped into a harness, hundreds of feet above ground. Where was he gonna go?)

Throughout the date Emily gushed over him: he's cute, he impresses her, he's a manly man, if she saw him across a bar she wouldn't talk to him, he's very cute. Then she found out he was 25 and it was Contrived Conflict Time. Was he ready to date a mom at his under-ripe young age? Read More...



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