Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner on Playing Sansa, Skyping With the Cast, and Joffrey Haters

Poor Sansa: All season long on Game of Thrones, she's been kept hostage by her engagement to a monster, Joffrey the boy king who prefers to torture and torment innocent victims rather than rule his kingdom or even lead his troops into battle. Although Tyrion Lannister tries to be kind to her and Joffrey's bodyguard the Hound tries to protect her, she's not safe so long as she remains at King's Landing. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, calls this situation a "perverted fairy tale," but is luckily in a much happier place in real life. As the show's finale approaches on Sunday, the 16-year-old is in the running for an Emmy nod and almost done taking her finals. Vulture spoke with her about prom plans, Sansa's state of mind, and all the Joffrey hate. Read More...


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