The Legend of Korra Episode 8 Review: Korra Feuds With Tarrlok

The Legend of Korra returned from its Memorial Weekend vacation and brought with it a whole load of political shenanigans and crazed villains.... all that without Amon. Yes, this week, Tarrlok, Republic City's poster boy for going mad with power, revealed his true nature, much to the disgust and ultimately, dismay of young Avatar Korra.

The episode started calmly, with Asami, Mako, and Bolin arriving at the Air Temple. Needing somewhere to stay, Korra and Tenzin are putting them up. They are greeted at the dock by Korra, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo; the three Airbender children. Meelo is curious about Pabu and Jinora explains what Fire Ferrets are. Ikki just thinks it's cute and chases it, as Meelo tries to ride Naga like a Flying Bison. Asami has brought way too much stuff with he, but according to Mako it could have been worse. Korra says not to worry, as everyone there wants them to feel welcome. Read More...


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