'Girls': Play time for Adam and Marnie


When HBO's "Girls" left off last week, big revelations were hanging in the air (Adam and Hannah are now an official item, Jessa and Jeff's tension ended in disaster, and Shoshanna smoked crack -- !). But the momentum from the Bushwick warehouse party didn't quite continue into Episode 8, "Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too." The additional depth to Adam's life and his special brand of affection for Hannah isn't quite as convincing as his pervy one-dimensional characterization in previous episodes. Marnie's (Allison Williams) stress is starting to wear her down, as she struggles to recover from her breakup with Charlie and his rapid rebound (and trip to Italy with his new squeeze). She anguishes in "being the uptight girl" and notes that "Charlie had to find someone else to go to Rome with." Her heartbreak is the source of most of the moderate humor in the episode: She obsessively clicks through his Facebook pics while...



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