Game of Thrones 2.10 'Valar Morghulis' Review

Game of Thrones ended its second season much like it ended its first: with a bloodcurdling scream. But while the dragons that brought season 1 to a close were a hopeful sign of rebirth for Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), season 2's final scream was much more terrifying. The season ended with Sam cowering in fear as an army of wights advanced toward the Night's Watch's camp, led by terrifying Others on horseback, initiating a bloodcurdling war call that can only mean imminent death.

It was a startling reminder that, once again, winter is coming. For the show's war-torn second season, the words of House Stark have been largely forgotten against the battles and political intrigue of Westeros. It puts the second season in perspective: the War of the Five Kings that we've been watching unfold all season is only the precursor to a much greater conflict. All that wildfire might have made us forget about winter, but it's still coming (speaking of which, let's hope Pyromancer Hallyene gets back to making some wildfire, since fire is the wights' weakness). Read More...


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