The Glades “Close Encounters” Review

Welcome back, devoted fans of The Glades! Ready for another summer of gators, sawgrass and murder victims? I know I’ve been missing my weekly fix of my home state, and in the season three premiere, "Close Encounters," I could almost smell the swamp gas.

This week’s victim was a very wealthy man with a gorgeous trophy wife and an eccentric belief that he was abducted by aliens. Unfortunately for him, that belief led him to give a lot of money to a phony UFO investigator who turned out to be a con man. Like any good swindler, the UFO guy murdered the poor man when he decided to leave all of his money to the hot wife, then set up the hot wife to make it seem like she’d tried to set him up!

It was a pretty decent twist, I have to admit. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if he hadn’t taken on a partner with nothing but muscle between his ears. Good help really is hard to find. Read more... 


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