Eureka “Ex-Machina” Review

After a little break for the Memorial Day weekend, Eureka is back with "Ex-Machina". The town preparesto say goodbye to Holly, even though Fargo is still secretly seeing her in the Matrix. The secret doesn’t last long though when the Department of Defense shows up to upgrade the security system and take the Matrix computers with them, forcing Fargo and Zane to ask the others for help. An attempt to download Holly’s file doesn’t go as planned, leaving Holly inside the Global Dynamics mainframe at the mercy of the DOD’s antivirus software. Carter and the team take drastic steps to try to save Holly before the softwareerases her, though it ends up putting the entire facility at risk.

This week’s episode seems to have been the conclusion of the Fargo/Holly in the Matrix story arc. The final outcome with Holly’s files being added to S.A.R.A.H.’s program allowing her to appear in the housewas a great way to make sure the two loverbirds stay together. Although I think Carter and Allison are not going to be exactly thrilled with another houseguest after just having Jo move out. The other nice thing about the ending is that it gives the writers some room to continue building the Fargo/Holly relationship some more without having it be the main focus. Personally, I think the stories in future episodes are going to turn more to Carter and Allison as their wedding is fast approaching. I’m also guessing there will be more Henry and Grace, though I’m not really seeing where they can take that story right now. Read More... 


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