Callie Thorne Dishes About What’s Coming for Dr. Dani in Season Two of Necessary Roughness

Necessary Roughness returns for its second season tonight at 10/9 on USA Network. As the sexy and talented Dr. Dani Santino, Callie Thorne took a few minutes on the Atlanta set to let us in on what we can expect for Dr. Dani this season, what she’s learned from her character and more.

On what it was like coming back to shoot the second season

Callie Thorne: It’s always a little nerve-wracking coming back into a show, and before this I didn’t have so much to think about. This was the first time coming back into the second season of the show being "number one" on the call sheet. I was very nervous about that. Luckily had about a week before we started shooting, which was little bits of rehearsals and little bits of fittings. So the guys and I got to playand talk and hang out and we all just naturally fell back into our roles. It really made the first few weeks of work that much more sort of giggly and fun. Because really I think what we all respond to the most is laughing with each other. Even if it’s dramatic scenes or silly scenes – that’s how we get into it with each other and I think that shows up on screen. So it was very smart for them to have us come a week ahead of time. I have to say it was easier than I thought; mainly because we all laugh a lot and we’re able to make those connections again very easily. Read More... 


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