'Girls' recap: Episode 8

Scene 1: used condoms and Magnum wrappers. Hannah and her boyfriend Adam are taking a break from sex and peanut-butter eating to watch childhood videos of him. Next door, Marnie is wallowing in self-pity, Facebook stalking Charlie and his new girlfriend while laying in bed, eating chips and listening to Demi Lovato. Music choices speak volumes this episode, with "Skyscraper" yelling, "I'm trying to make myself cry while feeling as sorry for myself as possible."Marnie emerges to find Hannah and (pants-less) Adam in the kitchen. Adam is surprisingly sympathetic to Marnie's post-breakup depression while Hannah is lost in her own early relationship bliss.And it does appear that Hannah and Adam have an actual relationship, at times acting almost cute together. (The title of the episode is appropriately "Freaks need girlfriends, too.") They walk down the street hand-in-hand as she goes to see his "tech" (monologue rehearsal).  Read More...

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