'Mad Men': Don Draper stares death in the face


***IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED SUNDAY's EPISODE YET, WHAT FOLLOWS BELOW WILL SPOIL IT FOR YOU FROM THE GET GO. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.***Lane Pryce is a dead man. On Sunday's (June 3) penultimate episode of "Mad Men's" fifth season, Jared Harris' character fulfilled the prophecy that a Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce employee was headed for death when he was found hanged, by his own hand, on the coat hook on the back of his office door. Both Lane and Pete Campbell were on the short list of candidates for the grim reaper, but in the end it was Lane who couldn't hack what his life had become. And, if viewers were paying close attention, things had been looking up for Pete in the past couple of episodes. As soon as he stopped wrestling with his demons and embraced his inner Gollum (by selling Joan to get the Jaguar account and deciding he needs a city perch...



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