Mad Men 5.12 "Commissions and Fees" Reveiw

This is one of those episodes of Mad Men that when it ends it leaves you with a soul crushing feeling and after last week's indecent proposal it seemed like it would be a hard one to top in this department; as I sit here staring at my notes and this computer screen it certainly feels like they have done just that.

Oh, Lane (Jared Harris) we all knew that taking that money was a terrible idea and like Don (Jon Hamm) we asked why he didn't ask for some help and went for the worst possible option. The reason of course is pride and Lane claims that he chose Don's signature to forge as he has always been the fairest. Hence why Lane is so surprised that Don insists that he tender his resignation; the trust has gone and this is the best option for all involved in Don's mind. The implication of this is that Lane would lose his visa and lose the country he loves and feels at home in. This season has been telegraphing the idea that someone would end their life by the seasons end with nods to clauses in insurance, Sylvia Plath poetry for an episode title and an empty elevator shaft but in the moment that it happened it was still shocking and devastating. Read More...


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