Game of Thrones: Go Behind the Scenes of the Season Finale With the Executive Producers

This week's Game of Thrones season 2 finale wrapped up a few storylines, but spent most of the time setting up arcs for season 3.  Robb decided to turn his back on his arranged marriage and wed a woman of his choosing.  Joffrey cast off Sansa as his betrothed and decided to bind himself to Margaery Tyrell after her family worked with Tywin to save King's Landing from Stannis' attack.  Beyond the Wall, Jon gained the respect of the wildlings and will be taken to their king.  And Arya set off with her friends to find her mother and brother.

Daenerys ended last season emerging from a ring of fire, naked and with live dragons on her shoulders.  In this season's finale, she emerged from the House of Undying, dragons once again safe.  The mysterious house presented her with many things she wanted (including a throne and her deceased husband and child), but in the end Dany chose to regain her dragons and set off to conquer Westeros in her own way.  "For most of the season [Dany] has been looking for help from others," David Benioff explains, "By the end of the season she realizes that she has to do it herself.  She's got to help herself.  She can't ask others to give her power, she's got to take it.  Daenerys Targaryen is not in a position where she can inherit the Iron Throne.  The only way she's going to take the Iron Throne, and to take back the Seven Kingdoms, is to take them." Read More...


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