'Girls' Recap: 'Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too'

Warning: This week's "Girls" may turn you off of ice cream.

As Hanna and Adam's budding relationship develops, he casually reveals to her that he does not "do" ice cream, because "it's like sweet mucus." And then they proceed to slobber all over an ice cream cone together. Ew.

But what's not gross for once, is their actual relationship. It seems like it's starting to head to legitsville. This week's episode opens with a serious bonding session at Hanna's place that includes watching old home movies of Adam as a child (followed, of course, by loud and slightly disturbing sex that references those home videos and that thankfully, we don't actually see), a quick run around the block that proves Hanna is terribly out of shape and a joint venture to the tech rehearsal of Adam's new play. It's more than they've done together in the last seven episodes combined. Read More...



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